Bi-color LED Matrix Driver Module DIY Kit


This is an 8x8 Bi-color (Red & Green) LED Matrix (60mm x 60mm) Driver Module DIY Kit.

The LED Matrix Driver Module is driven by 2 MAX7219 ICs and is suitable for use with most micro-controllers including the popular Arduino open source hardware.

Basic soldering skill is required to assemble the kit as it is designed using only through-hole electronics components.

** Note that the two MAX7219 ICs are not included in the kit but is required for complete assembly of the kit.

Assembled LED Matrix Driver Modules can be chained together to make up a longer display.

Parts List (Note: Item 3 is needed but not included in the kit)


Bare Bi-color LED Matrix Driver Module PCB

LED Matrix
60mmx 60mm 8x8 Bi-color (Red Green) LED Dot Matrix
IC1, IC2
MAX7219 IC

(*This part is not included in the kit)

IC Socket
24 pin IC socket

J1, J2
12 pin female straight header

6 pin female right angle header


6 pin male right angle header

R1, R2
12Kohms resistor

C2, C4
10uF electrolytic capacitor

C1, C3
0.1uF ceramic capacitor

Kit Assembly

With all through-hole electronics components selected for this kit, only basic soldering skill is required to assemble it. The silk-screen text on the PCB should be provide sufficient information for you to place and orientate the parts correctly before soldering them.

Do take note to orientate the parts correctly for items 2, 3 and 9.

You may view the following YouTube video for information on assembly of the kit.


You may view the following YouTube video to see a demo using this kit

Block Diagram of Bi-color LED Matrix Driver Module

Below shows the block diagram for the Bi-color LED Matrix Driver Module which hopefully will come in handy if there is a need to perform troubleshooting if the assembled module does not function properly.


Been wondering why the MAX7219 Display Driver IC chips are not included in the kit !!!

Currently, the price disparity of the MAX7219 chip from various suppliers is too great. This chip is available on ebay and some other online stores for a third or less than those from reputable suppliers.

You may like to check out the link below for views on why this is so;

Although it would be great for all the parts to be included in the kit for completeness, we decided not to include this part in the kit and it is up to you to source for it to complete the kit assembly. 

Kit Purchase

You may purchase this Bi-color LED Matrix Driver Module DIY Kit from Tindie.

Bi-color LED Matrix Driver Module DIY Kit 

I sell on Tindie


  1. Assuming the matrix is electrically an 8x16 matrix, not two separate 8x8 matrices, how do you prevent the two MAX7219 chips from interfering with each other as their scan-patterns go out of sync?

    For example if you're showing both red and green pixels on one 8x8 tile and the two MAX7219s are scanning different rows at the same time, two row drivers will be pulled high concurrently, one by each chip, and you will see each row's image appearing in both rows. I would expect that if the scan frequencies differ slightly, you'd see two copies of the desired image, one aligned correctly and the other scrolling across the tile, probably red scrolling one way and green scrolling the other.

    Have you see something like that or done something to prevent it?


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  3. Good afternoon ,
    I needed a pcb diagram for the image (
    you can not see the numbers of the pins of the IC .
    By the way this diagram does not correspond to Pcb ( ?

    1. Hi,

      The Block Diagram should correspond to the PCB and the IC pin numbers are provided in the block diagram though they are not very clear.

    2. @jolliFaktory, could you scan the Block Diagramm in better format, please?
      The nummbers are not readible

    3. Hi Nelson!
      Got a more readable picture of the diagram?
      I would too!

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  11. why do we use the external 20k ohm resistor for the board? I read on the Spec of MAX7219, the minimum value for external resistor can be 9.53k to drive the current of 40mA for maximum brightness right?

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  22. type of bi-color led used? common cathode or common Anode????


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